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Jul 22, 2020
In General Discussions
I'm talking about the sex. I have mentioned a bunch of times already that I didn't and don't plan on having sex with it. It has actually been in a locked closet since 2 days after receiving it. I also mentioned that I do not consider the purchase a mistake at all... I just don't think this hobby is for me. I'm asking about the sex because It sure seems like A LOT of work is involved. Yes - I am sure it is 100 Xs better than whacking off, but all that work? The staging, the undressing the dressing and most importantly - the cleanup - mainly the douching and the drying of the orifice. I mean I guess it really is worth it as a lot of you guys do it - it just seems like so much work to me! Anyone care to explain why all that work is worth it to them specifically? Not ripping at all! Just very curious!
Jul 07, 2020
In General Discussions
Hi guys - new member! I have read all 21 pages here – so thanks for all the great info. David seems great - he could tell I was pretty confused, but was extremely helpful. I ordered a 168 large with a 58 head today. I am only seven miles from his shop, but my small car would not handle that size box so it had to be shipped... I am hoping by being so close that it will arrive shortly after he ships. I have pretty severe social anxiety so dating for the moment is not an option. Believe it or not I am actually 6 ft, in great shape and not to sound conceited, but pretty damned handsome! LOL! Again - there is just no way I could date with my social anxiety in full swing for whatever reason. Maybe all of the Corona stuff and the BLM tension? Not sure... I decided to pull the trigger on this halfway for a new hobby as I am (obviously) not getting out much with my current condition -and halfway to use as a human substitute (not quite sure how I feel about using it for sex though) I ordered a small white jogging suit for her as (again) it is not all about the sexiness for me. So just wanted to say hi, thank you guys for all of the help on the Forum and to introduce myself.


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