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Jun 24, 2021
In General Discussions
Ordered her on Tuesday and she arrived Thursday. Thanks MLD! She's the first doll I've ever ordered and I'm excited to meet her but had to post this first.. She was estimated to arrive by 7pm according to the tracking number and after waiting most of the day I had to leave at 5pm for a half hour. Was so excited for the delivery! It was a tough day of anticipation and I figured that when I got back at 530 I might have a delivery attempt note on my door.... I could not have been more shocked though to see the box leaning against my front door when I went round front to check for a note! I live in a major city and while the neighborhood is relatively safe its also semi ghetto, and I was shocked the driver left this with no signature. Things do dissappear fast around here. About to go upstairs and unbox. She was definitely heavier than I expected to carry upstairs! I'm not going to bother with unboxing photos, but I'll post some pics soon. Hahaha, excited to see what this is all about! Here goes..


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