Mar 20

Will SDH-16 Return?


Love the look of this face, slightly smiling but not to much.

What happened to her?



Reminds me of a girl I spoke to today, no lie! (The face, not the exposed breasts)

Oh my! We are going to have to declare a natural disaster in ks from all my drool. Lol What a beautiful doll!

Mar 20

I'm going to try the lip gloss trick from another forum to accent the nipples, Like on this doll. Supposedly you can paint on lip gloss and use a white cloth or glove to wipe it off.


A lucky guy got this doll on clearance as a last one a few months ago.

I spoke with the factory, and we may actually be able to bring her back!

Awesome, at least make the head available, but a package deal would be awesome, as this probably would have been the first doll I bought if she was available at the time. I like it!!

Apr 9

Could it be done by request (factory able, of course)? If so, what are her specs and price?


Jun 8

Still waiting to hear back on this...looking at it as a first buy....

Any word?

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Mar 20Edited: Apr 5

That’s great news! I will be patiently waiting! 😂

she pretty much has the interest from everyone.

I will most likely be interested in just the head since I have WAY TOO MANY DOLLS AT THE MOMENT!

@alexchangander yeah huh?

Not sure if anyone else has this problem but the spell correction on my platform Im using is incredibly difficult to deal with on this forum

I have lost entire posts at times because of it.

it Will literally force random capitals and incorrect spellings at times.


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It really is a great face. That picture makes me think of Morticia or a grown up Wednesday Addams. Must be the hair and clothing.

Mar 20

Katy Perry 🤔😉😎

Mar 23

The head yes. Heck might even go for the whole shebang. LOL But really waiting on the Isabella Med to be back in stock. And a 143 is in the plan also. I hate tax season. More, all they want is more. The gubnint don't understand there's posable mannequins just waiting for homes. SMH

Mar 23Edited: Mar 23


100cm Medium 👸 in a nice spring dress... Not sure how long it will be for a restock. A lot of companies have stopped selling the 100s, pretty much in the 🇬🇧 they are banned.



Hopefully MLD holds up the flag and continues to sell these awesome dolls. 😉😁

Apr 5Edited: Apr 5

@alexchangander I have to agree, she loves it in the back door!

The leg sculpt is ultra realistic!

And when she’s bent forward, her little tummy bulges out slightly!

Shes so soft that when I pound her hard, those itsy bitsy titties actually jiggle!

I think she’s one of the most realistic sex dolls I own!




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Apr 6Edited: Apr 6

Yeah? I’m thinking about installing movable eyelids and giving her a little bit of a more slutty look.

And then I will post comic strip style pictures of her in masturbatory adventures!

Shes looks innocent, but she’s really a bad girl (in a good way)...


Apr 6

Are we allowed to post more risque photos in this forum... ie. Poses with just the doll? Obviously not the owners parts in the picture... Ive been reluctant as to not offend the forum God's. 😉😎😃

Apr 6

@jpop379 Experiment... or you could run it by the admin.

Posts should only include dolls, no organic genitalia, and no body fluids simulated or otherwise.


Apr 6


I'm guessing this is ok? 😉😍

@jpop379 It should, the pic of my 143 is still up with her spread eagle!😊

The guidelines I posted earlier should make it simple.

I don't see why they'd object- forum members pics and first hand reviews are what is selling their dolls!

Still hoping this face makes a come back. 😁

Apr 16Edited: Apr 16




New lingerie for Amare~ Missing her greatly as I am in the hospital hoping to be hone soon!

Apr 16

Get well soon

Well damn man, wish you a speedy recovery.

God bless you and the doctors caring for you. Pray it's nothing too serious and a speedy recovery. Probably just over exertion from too much fun times with amare! Lol

Nice! Are they offering this head now?

Just added another body type you can get with her! Still with huge boobs! Remember, if you want it to be different, just give me a message and I can help.

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