Mar 20

168 sdh-53



Ahh, harkening the days of my youth! Nevena begging for a quicky on my lunch break!


Did she make a sammich for ya afterwards? 😁

Mar 21Edited: Mar 21

No, but this is how she was dressed when I came back home after work this evening!






Since middle of December. I've posted pics of her on her before. It's just been about a month since my last one.

Jun 20

Is this the body with more muscular legs (Khloe) or is it the other 168?

I could be wrong, but I'm 99% sure it's a regular 168 with the medium bust. And head sdh-53

Jun 26

how long did you get it

does this exact doll come that you have? I love it!!!!!

I don't think he's been on in a while, im not sure if that's a factory wig or bought elsewhere, and the head is an sdh-53, which is available here as well, but didn't come on this doll, and the lingerie didn't come with this doll either.

I love this face and these vivid blue eyes. I will be getting this head on my next doll purchase.


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