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Dec 15, 2021
In General Discussions
I purchased a larger doll in the past and just the size and weight makes some things difficult. So iv been debating on a 140cm or 145cm Lucy doll with the A2 head. The weight and size difference kinda has me leaning more towards the 140cm, are the breast sizes shown in the photos of the 140cm Lucy doll on the site what are on the doll? Thanks..
Dec 07, 2019
In General Discussions
First time Doll owner, and she is perfect. First night with her was amazing, and makes for a wonderful sleeping partner. As mentioned by some people here about the "loose neck" i jammed down a piece of 1/4 all thread and seems to have helped a lot. Also have noticed some of the color bleeding from clothing as well (going to be staying away from darker clothing, or wash a few times prior). I believe i ordered the medium bust doll, but on the packing slip it said Large. Either way happy with the purchase. Here are some photos from some dress up on the first night. She came with the black wig, but i purchased a few others (off site) in case i didn't like the one with the doll.
New 168 Holly doll. content media


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