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Aug 30, 2019
In General Discussions
So, I finally decided to order one of the Torsos... For my needs/wants, the Torso made more sense than a full doll. Shipping was super quick, and she arrived around noon today. First impressions and a few pics.. - Body looks great, and more "real world" size than my first 100cm doll - Breasts are very nice size - not too big, and they feel nice. - Pussy/vagina is of the "coin slot" style, I havn't seen that on a doll, I really like that. - There is a skeleton in there, but, she's still a little floppy. - not bad though - I was hoping/expecting that the hip socket would be jointed, given the style of leg "stump" it is not. this makes it hard to get good deep penetration (I don't have the biggest penis, so it was hard to penetrate more than a couple inches). - She is the right size for a pair of XS booty shorts, and a size S top that I happened to have left over from my old doll, and she wears them well.
PH-TS-05 Torso First Impressions content media


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