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Jul 17, 2022
In General Discussions
I ordered the 143cm Kiria doll on June 17th and it arrived 10 days later. Only had the doll 18 days and it is now 50lbs of wobbly tpe. The was my first doll so i wasnt sure what to expect. I really couldnt believe how tight the thigh to hip joints were. It really took a lot to move the legs but i got used to it and figured it was a benifit for a standing doll. Last friday night i went to adjust the right leg of the doll and heard something snap. I though it was just one joint at first but it feels like the whole hip seperates. The left and right leg as well as the torso all flex independent of eachother now. Needless to say im really disappointed that j just spent 400 dollars and more (accessories and clothes) on a doll that i will probably have to toss in the garbage after only 18 days of being in possession of it. I have and email into David and hope they will do be right by me. Has anyone else experienced a total hip failure? How does MLD handle defects? I have heard people getting discounts on next order (which isnt great) curious how much discount did they provide? Thanks


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