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PC _(\_
Sep 04, 2019
In General Discussions
We added a tiny update & question 10/02 * * * * * New Update - 10/01 * * * * * Update - we've added to our story - 9/14 - Watch out for the claws, they are sharp. We've added another Tiny Update - 9/11 Update - we've added to our story - 9/9 We've added another Tiny update - on 9/7 Update - we've added to our story - 9/6 Update - we've added to our story - 9/5. Prologue Hi everyone, Mom said that there was an elephant throwing around some kind of processed lunch meat, or something like that. Anyway some of what ever it was infected our story and it got erased by mistake. So, we're going to do it again because it was fun to do I've got lots more cloths to show off, and because there were some other people on the forum that enjoyed what we were posting, don't ask me why I thought we were just beings silly. Anyway, here we go. Oh yeah, this version won't  be the same as what was here before because the only place it was written down was here. This time we'll do it right, or so mom says. Anyway, it all started one day, a few months ago, I was was sneaking into the kitchen at the orphanage. Why was I sneaking into the kitchen? It was the only way I could get anything to eat. Oh, you think everyone is treated the same in an orphanage? You've seen that Oliver musical 1 too many times. Here's the way meals work, being that I was the smallest, even if I was almost the oldest, I got to eat what everyone else left. That meant I was hungry most of the time.  The cook was the only person who was nice to me.  I helped her with dishes and she left food for me, hidden away. Anyway, while I was sneaking into the kitchen Miss Hannigan caught me, she ran the orphanage, and she took me to her office, to talk with some old lady.  The lady seemed nice and was really interested in me, don’t ask me why.  We talked for a while and then the old lady left. No harm done and I didn’t expect to see her again, that is until 2 days later when she came back and we talked some more.  What was really odd was that she actually seemed to be interested in me and how come I’m no taller than the the little kids, the ones that are 2 to 3 years old, but I’m really 16. Well, 15 years and 9 months at that time. Well the old lady went away and I didn’t see or hear anything after that, that is for about 3 months. Then late one night, after lights out, Miss Hannigan came to my cot and had me get up and follow her.  We went to her office where she had me put on a pink blanket over my pajamas. Then she took me to the bus station, pinned a name and address to my pajama top and gave me to a lady behind the counter.  That lady took me out to a bus and had me sit in the seat just behind the driver.  After a while some more people got on the bus.  They all looked at me real funny, some of them started laughing, they all made me really sad.  The bus was about half full when the driver closed the door and pulled away from the curb.  I asked where we were going, he said the bus was going to LA, then he mumbled something about me getting somewhere before then.  It was really late and I was tired, so after taking care of necessities, I snuggled up in my seat, wrapped in my blanket, and went to sleep. I was rudely woke up by the bus driver, telling me that this is where I was to get off.  So I climbed down from my seat, wrapped my blanket around my shoulders, and straightened my wig, What, you didn’t know I wore a wig? Well I might tell you about it some day. I carefully hopped down the steps of the bus and jumped out onto the curb, where I was met by a young lady from the bus company.  She took my hand and led me into the bus station and guess who was there?  The old lady that had been talking with me 3 months before.  She was very polite and said thank you to the lady from the bus company. Then she bent down and picked me up and gave me a big hug.  She told me that she had adopted me and that she’d take care of me from then on.  She was surprised to find me in nothing but my pajamas a pink blanket and not even any shoes.  Well, she said that my life was going to be better from then on, and it has been. Hey everyone, mom wants to know if we should post additions to our story here, making one long thread, or should we create a new post for each chapter? Let us know.
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PC _(\_

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