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Apr 16, 2020
In General Discussions
She arrived! And now I am totally BEAT, all you guys saying how heavy the 168 were not lying, AT ALL! I renamed Raven 16....Marla, I have always loved that name. The box was in very good shape, props MLD! So I opened the sucker up and took all the goodies out first. Then stood and looked at the mesmerizing Pink Blanket I have heard so much about. But only for a minute, I waiting too long already! and This is what I saw... And immediately said "damn!, that's gonna be a tall one!" Next came her head... I thought she looked cool with her box pilot mask on. And when the mask came off....Beauty in the TPE. I have a ton of pics, so I am going to try to speed this up now... "Nice to meet you ma' lady", let me get you out of that box"....which was not easy cuz' she weighs a frickin' TON! I REALLLLY like her body!!! Very nice!...but with her pretty head on, she is almost as tall as me! i am 5'11"..she was supposed to be 5'5"??...Oh well, I still love her! Not the hair I was hoping for, but it looks awesome on her...I think. :) Not sure what color her eyes are, they look very dark purple. Love those butt dimples! 😃 At this point I had to kiss her hand. Had to pink up those nipples a little 🤤 And the lips! Pink lips got wore off somehow 😁 Now she is resting in my computer chair wearing my flip flops waiting to go get in the shower to clean this dirty girl off. You all not going to believe this, but I actually got her to stand on her own with no propping or help at all, on tile! 😎😎 Then she stood checking herself out in the mirror, I would too if I were her. And now she and I all all clean...I am letting her drip dry for a bit while I post this....hope you all liked the show and will tell me what you think of my new baby Marla. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and having a great night with their girls. See ya next time. 🙂😴😴
Welcome home "Marla". content media
Apr 14, 2020
In General Discussions
Hi everyone! Newest member to the group here and this will be my first doll ever. I just ordered the Raven 16 168cm with medium breasts on the 9th, and now UPS says she is going to be delivered tomorrow! I am so excited!! I already spent over $100 on clothes and wigs for her on Wish and can't wait to get her all customized, but most of all can't wait to sign for her and do the unboxing! I will be taking pictures of everything so I can share my progress and story.


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