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Jun 23, 2021
In General Discussions
Despite my best efforts to keep my doll clean, her clothing left a stain on her arm, hips, and part of her back. I have seen the expensive little white pots of stain remover. Is there another way to remove stains from the dolls without the expensive creams? I have seen a video where an odorless paint thinner is used to remove permanent marker. Is this legitimate or are all of the paint thinners and removers too dangerous to use on TPE?
Jan 23, 2021
In General Discussions
I bought a 140 cm. doll last year. The wire armatures in the fingers have poked through several times. Also, one of the fingers has torn slightly. I noticed that several people have modified/ enhanced their dolls and also mention repairing the TPE of the dolls. I want to know which glue works the best for repairing the dolls? I already managed to glue one of the eyelashes back on using a liquid cement for ABS plastic, but it doesn't seem to work on the finger. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations. The glue that I used is made by Plastruct, but I can only get the orange label of glue. I just want to keep my girl with ten fingers if at all possible. Thanks!


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