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Feb 20, 2019
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Valentines Day, February 14th 2019. I waited patiently for my doll to arrive, I stared aimlessly at the UPS app watching as the truck mades its round to people less important than I was. I even paid $8.00 for the 2 hour window. It was literally killing me to watch but at least I know she was coming soon. Last hour of the expected time limit, I watched as the UPS driver took a turn down my street, I saw the driver pull up, Struggle to carefully place the overly large and yet heavy box on the dolly. Along with another large and somewhat lighter box with my bed sheets. I decided to meet with the driver as he approached with the uncertainty. The driver asked if this was me, I said yes. the driver then asked what the hell was in the box? I said its a one of those mail order brides... we laughed and he just said suuuuurrrreee.... So up the stairs we went I opened the door barely holding onto the box. The driver waited until the door was open and then just left. Inside me I was flipping him off but who the fuck cares. I seemingly struggled to move the 82lb package in doors, It wasn't the weight that was the issue it was cumbersome and hard to grab (They need to a-fix handles to this thing). There a long and awaited journey had ended I decided to open the coffin like box to awaken my sleeping beauty. The box was very well wrapped, everything had styrofoam and the body was wrapped in a very soft pink blanket. Her body was wrapped in plastic too. oh I had so much fun with my valentine groping her large boobs, feeling her pussy until it came time to the head. Now honestly I can say that the head was eerie... holding a head with a lifeless expression and no hair was an experience of its own, and rather small if you ask me. I pulled her out which was no easy task, its not the weight but its a dead weight... Which reminds me I need to start working out again. I placed her on my couch and went back to work. several hours later I got off work and went back to check on the body... ICE COLD!!!! A laser inferred thermometer shows 22 degrees... I forgot the one crucial piece... a heated blanket. After work I assembled the body then moved her to the bedroom. I placed her blanket on the bed and turned up the heat just a bit as I left on search for a heated blanket She's a very beautiful doll. Feels very real to hold and make love with. The hips are very tight and make a slight creak. I'm surprised that the fingers and toes are not solid. The toes are a big concern as moving the doll I fear will rip the toes off.
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