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Jul 10, 2020
In General Discussions
Someone went off on a rant about dolls appearing underage and I defended myself and the people on this forum by replying. The whole post was removed and I want what I said back! I have seen a lot of stuff on here that never would have made it anywhere else and it's still right here to view but I carefully watched what I was saying to properly defend my stance on scaled down dolls! The sad thing is that the users post fit perfectly the close mindedness of people who can't see the difference between scale and design and I saw my defense to be well rounded and non offensive, broke no rules that I know of, and made the clear point that people that buy scaled down dolls are not perverts who stalk children and buying a smaller doll doesn't make you a pedophile, etc... I'm not going through this crap all over again with another forum of close minded tit worshipers. I really hate when my comments are removed! Especially when they were as creative as mine was in helping to see the difference between toys, fantasy, scale, and reality. I don't come to these places to hurt people and this happens enough to hurt me. I used to save all of my posts because they often take work to create. I didn't think that would be necessary on this forum due to some of the content I've seen in the past. I want my comments from that post as I worked very hard on my creative responses.
Jun 24, 2020
In General Discussions
When first coming to this awesome site to find a doll I had to take my medical conditions into account (hernias up my body, allergy related severe asthma, messed up knees, damaged shoulder, etc...) before buying. I first looked at the smaller scale light weight dolls and found Beth. I'm hopelessly attracted to flat chested women, though, and the flat chested version of her was not in stock! I decided to get a Kiara doll instead. I have NO regrets at all with my Kiara doll and she's really holding up well! Now I've just ordered the flat-chested Beth doll, finally!! She is so cute in the pictures and I just can't wait to get her! Kiara is not too heavy for me (I was a tad worried at first) but I think I'm going to have a LOT of FUN with them both. I may use this doll more as she will be much lighter. Here's my Kiara doll, Erda, waiting for her friend to ship out!!
Flat Beth is BACK!! content media
Mar 25, 2020
In General Discussions
I ordered my doll and she got here very, VERY fast!! She came with a nice body-sock pair of jammies, a super-soft pink blanket, all the stuff she needs! I'm very happy with her! I may order again one day soon! Thanks a lot for making my first TPE doll buying experience as painless as possible!! Meet Erda!! She's very beautiful and the best price ever for one of these dolls! My Anime Fabric doll was over $700, for instance! This doll, being my first order, was UNDER $500 !!! Thank YOU!!
My Kiara doll arrived TODAY!! content media


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