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Flat Beth is BACK!!
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Jun 29, 2020
My Beth doll arrived today!!! OH MAH GAWD! She is SO KYEWT!! She's like a mini-me for my Kiara doll!! LOL! She is so adorable and perfect. She was packaged perfectly, just like my Kiara doll, and came with a nice wig and outfit and some free throw in's like lube and sets of replacement finger nails. She's obviously much easier to pose and move around being only 35-40 lbs. When I ordered my Kiara she came with head 22 (I actually asked for #2 but I totally love the head she came with. It's beautiful and fits her perfectly) and this Beth doll comes with a smaller version of that head so she looks like a scaled down Kiara. She had a tiny speck of eye liner between her eye and nose and a bit of it in the edge of her mouth. I thought it was black thread but it was eye liner and smeared down the side of her mouth. I was prepared and avoided panic by dabbing some of the included 'cleaning oil' on the spots and they lifted right off by dabbing with a napkin. She's absolutely perfect. The labia and clitoris are slightly more realistic than on the Kiara doll but she is otherwise a mini-clone. Thanks for this impressive and beautiful doll. Once I've put some cool outfits on her and had some fun I may post some pictures. I see this doll as the perfect portable companion and will likely move her around a lot more. I think of her popping out of a backpack or something. I gave her a pigtail black Japanese wig with cute bangs and may consider different eyes. Now I'm just absorbing the love and excitement of this doppleganger doll duo!!
My Kiara doll arrived TODAY!!
In General Discussions
Mar 27, 2020
I edited my original post on their site and put 'safer' pics up so they would have no reason for backlash (even though I didn't see any reason to begin with), so if anyone wants to see her on TDF the post is on there. I am thinking of possibly buying another doll in the very near future. Maybe in a month depending on finances. I am very VERY pleased with my doll. She is standing perfectly, all the joints are very tight and her hands are wired and pose very well. Any compression I have noticed fades when she is standing after a very short time. There is no staining. The eyes are very easy to move around and I may consider putting different colored ones in soon. This really is the only way I could have afforded such a great doll is to buy from here so this a GREAT STORE! Consider heading over to the TDF forum and giving her some nice comments if you can and I think that may draw even more attention to this store and the quality of dolls they have. I know that exactly the same doll sells for much more there so people may see this place and find a great doll. My other dolls now have a friend and I may add another very soon! I ordered head #2 but I really don't know what head this one is!?! I'm very happy with her head though and I don't regret having the one it came with. It fits her perfectly and is very beautiful, with eye lashes, pink lips, clean and well placed eyebrows. There is literally no way at all that I could complain or find fault with this doll in any way. She is PERFECT! Here is a link to the post if anyone would like to comment or just see her as she is now! Thanks!


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