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Sep 27, 2019
In General Discussions
Picked up a 135 cm Anna and a 156 cm Mia. Did so in person. Just as an FYI, I was able to load both dolls in my car, which is a hatchback. I wanted to thank the forum members for the pics and advice, saw that standing Mia and knew that was the one! I will say this to echo some of the other posts, they are indeed heavy!! I haven't unboxed them yet but had to carry each one up a narrow flight of steps by myself. Mia weighs 65 pounds, which is nothing for me but the box is large enough that it's tough to grip. I'm thinking once the doll is out it will be much easier. Anyway, will unbox tomorrow and update everyone then. Thanks to Dave for answering my questions and to the helpful warehouse guys.


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