Jul 25

Surface cleaning question


Does anyone know how to properly clean the surface of the dolls' skin? It seems as though every single piece of clothing I have stains the skin (especially the breasts). I've tried soap, shampoo, body wash, and a multi-surface cleaner. I use a wet sponge and a bowl of soapy water and it doesn't seem to do much at all. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks

If you want to get the dye out use either arm&hammer baking soda or arm&hammer tooth paste. The baking soda mix it in water you make it into a paste then on the doll get the area with the dye wet. Then apply the baking soda paste on area and let it set for 24 hrs. The tooth paste you just wet the area of doll with dye and apply it on her and set for 24 hrs. Keep doing it until dye is less noticeable or fade. TPE is known for eating the dye over time the baking soda just accelerate the process. Oh and when you wash your doll please rub the whole body in baby oil this helps protect the doll, push dust and dirt out of the skin of the TPE, and help eat at the dye in skin. Soon I will start a Youtube channel to review doll brands, how to take care of doll, and many other things about Love Dolls.

Can't wait to check out your future channel, ramza

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