Jan 27

SD168 F-M SDH-A2 Review!😃


Edited: Feb 6

🚚My first doll from MLD came today!


📸Here is her unboxing and review!😉

Her name is Jasmine!


Heavy duty box held up nicely from the east to west coast trek!


Very little shifting of contents as well from the 3800+ mile trip!


The A2 face is gorgeous!



This is straight out of the box! Put the head and wig on, That was it!


Outstanding body sculpt! Nice muscle tone, and very nice derrière!


Again, amazing detail in this sculpt.


Very nice indeed!


Hinged wrists! This was a surprise, I’m used to seeing only wired ones.


Very nice standing feet! Positive stop on the ankle hinge. No wires in the toes. (My preference)


What a hottie!


Lots of goodies!


Overall very nice doll for the price!

Incredibly soft TPE! With only a very very mild odor, and only mildly oily.



The breasts are hollow and they jiggle in a very realistic fashion.

The hinged wrists are a nice surprise.

Only thing I miss is the side tilt at the waist joint.

But still, I’m not complaining.



Joint tension is very smooth and easy to position, but hip and knee joints are firm as they should be on a standing doll.

I’m extremely happy!😁



I‘ll do some measurements later, the only one I did was height, and that comes out to exactly 168cm flat footed straight legged from the floor to the top of the head.


The accessories that came with the doll is quite comprehensive.

I got, Lipstick, Mineral oil (tiny bottle), Bag of powder, Gloves, Heater, Irrigator, Condoms, Bottle of lube, Comb, Satin two piece outfit, Wig, and a Big blanket that is hemmed on the edges so it can be machine washable (it actually has a tag)



Build quality seems very good, only slightly noticeable seams.

there is however somewhat prominent seam on one side of her neck.

So bottom line? I’m giving this gal and the whole experience 4 and 1/2 stars.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - 1/2⭐️




She looks wonderful. I'm getting ready to order my own, my only worry is the wrist and ankle joints, as they were very quick to break on my last doll (different company). Do they feel very well constructed on yours?


Jan 31Edited: Jan 31

Welcome to the forum Lightchild! The wrists seem to be reasonably constructed they are hinged, dolls in this price range usually are wires in the wrist which will break more easily.

The ankles seem very substantial, mine is a standing version.

I haven’t had the chance to really “break her in” so to speak😊

I‘ll make a follow up in good time.

Thanks for asking!




How do the breasts feel to fondle? How does the vagina feel during sex?

Feb 6Edited: Feb 6

The breasts are extremely soft, the TPE is very soft and they are hollow, so they are by far the softest part of the doll.


They jiggle very nicely!


Honestly I still haven’t rolled her in the hay yet, but I have no doubt that it will be good!

Feb 6Edited: Feb 6

It must be my old age catching up with me! 😆

but your right @alexchangander, that pussy of hers is super sweet!

Whats wrong with me!


I don't know if I missed it, but I didn't see this body, head combo, is it something you requested?

Yes, it’s a custom I guess. The A2 head is shown on the 156, but it looks great on the 168.

@fantasticplastic I am close to order the same configuration as you my man, I have a question about your getting the A-2 head: were you able to swap this specific head in place of the choice offered in the doll listing or did you have to purchase it separately?


Yours or anybody s help would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, message David thru the contact email and ask.

Im sure it’s not a problem.

You can also leave a note at checkout.

I do both.

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