Oct 8

Nice eyes!


Edited: Oct 8

Bought a pair of their eyes here and I’m really impressed on the quality and price!

these are definitely their own design, I haven’t seen the likes of these on any other doll, they have a rubber backing inside the cup. Interesting.

for $10 shipped, you can’t beat’em!




Be sure to tell your special lady "Nice browneye" when you get them installed. Couldn't resist being "that guy".

Lol, yeah.

Got them for the #34 head I have that came with blue ones.

Really made a difference!

I’ll eventually post a picture of it.

But seriously, these eyes again for the price are outstanding!

I’ve paid in the past $20 a pair for much less in quality, +shipping!

My 145 cm Jennifer came with brown eyes. I purchased 2 sets of blue eyes to go in them. They really make a big difference on my Anna doll with the Kiara head 😍

Yes, I've made two orders of eyes through them so far, replaced my 168s grey with green eyes, so now she's more like a natural red head. 😁

Oct 26

I ordered a pair of green eyes. Received them today. I agree with previous comments. They look really good!

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