Mar 24

I'm thinking of purchasing a doll and want to ask some owners their opinion.



How well does the doll pose and what kind of range of motion can be expected? Are the hole plugged, I've seen concerns they may not be and allow water into the skeleton. Is the positioning and usability there for "fun" workable in the general anatomy? Sorry for all the questions, but want a bit of info before I decide. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum wickedcam!

The range of motion is as good as any doll I’ve seen.

And joint tension is consistent.

The absence of a TPE ball is somewhat concerning.

I personally plan on modifying mine with a soldering iron anyway so I’m not too worried.

Bottom line is, at the prices these dolls are at, I really can’t complain about much.




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I have found no issues with My 100cm doll. Only issue with mine is that she is not a standable doll. As for "Fun" positioning everything works as expected, joints move easy the TPE is soft, the sculpt is beautiful.


As for plugs my dolls mouth is plugged well. The other holes not sure, but the anal looks to be. I'm no doctor😉😁


I would not hesitate to purchase again. The price can't be beat and the dolls are up to the standard of 90% of makers. Of course a 2k $ doll will be better, but that is far outside an experimenter with doll ownership should/would spend.

Mar 24

The dolls far out way the concerns of the first time worries. Yes there seems to be a hole that is missing and you can purchase some TPE and plug the end or modify the doll as you see fit. Experiment, enjoy all positions and learn to take care of this one as if it was your first girlfriend. I find that managing the hair has been the most challenging. I have the 156 which is standing, the hips are stiff so opening and positioning the legs have been challenging at best, which is standard for those type of dolls. If you want something looser get one that isn't standing.


After getting Kimberly I have compared it to other dolls and the perfect one for me would have features this one doesn't. The vagina is not perfect by all means so taking note on the positions you like it might be difficult for doggy style unless you are willing to be creative. Other than being sexual the beauty is on par if not better than a doll costing 4 times as much. My favorite time with Kimberly is hugging her in bed as I drift asleep. I put on the electric blanket on low, crawl into bed and hug her tight and she feels so damn real. Best sleep in my life over the last 2 years.

I have a 168cm standing doll. As is typical with all standing dolls the hips and knees are exceptionally firm which is the way you want them if you are going to have them standing much, which mine does a lot. The tpe of mld dolls is the softest and jigglyiest of the 3 dolls i own. I love giving her big long hugs, because she is definitely the most realistic feeling of my dolls. Having fun with her is a work out because of the stiff hip joints and her weight, but she feels great. If and when I ever decide to replace either of my non-mld dolls, it definitely will be with another one. Unless I get filthy rich somehow so I can afford a paradise island beauty. But doubt that I will ever be able to spend $8k for one of those! So yeah, mld has my business for life! An absolute pleasure dealing with this company.

As far as the hole goes just don't release in her and use proper cleaning methods that don't get excess water into the vaginal opening( like laying in a tub for a bath) you will be fine. There are good ways of cleaning that has been discussed on other threads. Take the leap and have fun!

Hey, Wickedcam,

Don't know about the "plug" situation I have seen in another thread, but I can say these dolls are the best quality for the price. I have a 156cm and although she is cumbersome to work with as a top rider... on her back she works extremely well. When I first recieved my doll I had some issues with getting the right angle to pound her but the back bends about mid-body which made the angle issue moot! Now I can get her exactly how I want her. As for the articulated skeleton she will be far more flexible than any real girl I have ever been with. The only thing I don't like is the arms don't rotate below the elbow so she can't be made to hug without palms facing away from your back. (If anyone has figured this out, I for one would love to know) Just be aware that there is a certain amount of maintenance involved and clean up should be done immediately after falling asleep! LOL

Apr 3

Mike, on mine the wrists bend and from there can turn to face either in/out/ or to the sides.

Hey, Dave,

You are absolutely correct! Thanks! I was expecting the twist to be at the elbow not the wrist itself. You rock, bro!

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