Apr 23

Anyone get a tan flesh tone doll yet?


As the header lays the premise out, has anyone bought a tan flesh color doll? Please post pics if you have and read this.

I just wish they offered different head options in the tan, I'd probably consider it a little more than. I'd like to be able to see pics of it.

And, keep in mind- pictures are no substitute for seeing in person.

Naw, but it would at least give an idea.

No one has a tan doll yet, or has one and won't post pictures?

I get so tempted to order the tan 168, but it's kinda my least favorite face. But I'm sure I could make her look better in person. Just don't know yet though.

@r.jewell81 Off topic, but I inquired into a set of green eyes to replace the brown eyes that came with my doll. They said they'd check with the factory and let me know, and I never heard back. Otherwise, I'd suggest you check if any of the other heads could be gotten in tan.

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