Mar 31

Any 125cm doll owners?


I currently own a 156cm doll and have a question about the 125cm. What is the length of the feet on the 125cm? Can she wear a size 5 shoe like my 156 or are the feet smaller on the 125? I tried to inquire through David but he didn't have the stats I need. Any forum members who could help me out would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Mar 31

My 100cm has feet that are a tad under 7'inches... I think the 125cm has the same size as the 100cm. They are definitely not the same as on the 156cm doll. You'll need to have a shoe that's child size.

Not the answer I was hoping for but thank you for the info, jpop!

br1an85 has one, he posted a pic on the home page. Hopefully, he'll see your query.

Apr 2

Was it you that went to the warehouse saw the 125cm decided against it and bought a 153cm? I remember someone getting a 125cm and one guy changing his mind. 🤔😁

No, that was not me. If I had gone to the showroom I would have measured the feet on the 125cm myself. Assuming they had one on display, that is. I noticed the stats on the 145cm(?) that the feet were 7 inches which would make the 125cm feet that small or smaller, so I have decided to stick with my 156. If I were to buy another I would make the drive to the showroom...UPS doesn't seem to understand what "this end up" means! LOL

Apr 2Edited: Apr 2

I was actually referring to Alexchangander but thinking back it was the member that had the "NJ Devils" hockey logo as his name plate (Jeruz85) He's definitely seen the doll.


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