Sep 21

163 Tara Arrived!😁


Edited: Oct 1

She came today! And MLD’s description was exactly correct, she’s just dirty.

She’s definitely been the warehouse slut for a while, Kinda cool if you ask me.

as long as she hasn’t gotten the “D” I’m good!😁

I already started to clean her, but one thing is for sure, THIS GIRL IS HEAVY!

MLD threw in a “slightly dirty“ #34 head! Didn’t need it but out of all the western faces, the #34 is one of my favorites. Nice!

here she is!:


Not bad for $332.50!

Thanks MLD!

While part of me is intrigued by her, she's a little to much of a wasp waist for my taste, but looks like a possible af copy. I would like to see real world photos myself. 😏

Sep 22Edited: Sep 22

Yeah, not sure why they don’t use their own pictures, I did find some from what I suspect is the OEM (Or ODM) they are typical Chinese modesty since any form of porn will get you life in prison.

She has the A2 head on in this picture.

That big booty and tits are what‘s interesting me! 😊



I hope it all works out, I bought the “slightly dirty” promotional body.

Gonna clean her up, slap an A2 head on her, and will be posting some pictures of her serious booty and tits!😋


@Fantastic Plastic there are other sites that advertise the dolls whole body. You wont find a better deal on this doll. Rite now every other time i visit this site i find her on close out sale. I started to buy her instead of jessica 2 but i want my 2 asian sisters (Jessica 2 &Anna). I noticed racyme & dhgates had a lot more pics up of this doll. There is a demonatration on pornhub that also features this doll.

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Pics and links to this doll please, been waiting for months of this actual piece. Thanks in advance. Booty.

Links? Go to the "Shop" page, or "Shop- Large" page and she's literally the second doll from the top. Tara. This website sells her.

@alexchangander i meant real actual pics of the doll that one of the other members mentioned, from either other sites or personal ones taken by members. Are people eluding to this being a possible wm 163cm thick doll? One can only wish.

@chewpoosen it is a thick doll. Look through all the pictures on here then go to those other sites. Ill have to go over my favorites again to find it because they use a different dolls name. Tara has big hips & a big ass. Id love that but the breast are too much for me. I like the medium sized breast. If that was a option id own her already. Almost started to purchase the close out body anyway

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The shipment just suffered a “shipment exception” stating the the bar code is unreadable. And the shipment date is starting to be pushed back.

Not a good sign, hopefully the doll hasn’t punched through the box!

Horrible luck on that, I hope she makes it to you in as good shape as she left MLD.

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She’s at the FedEx office waiting for me to pick her up after work.👍

Picked her up! Better than expected!

Updated the beginning of this thread.

Please after you have fun with her, booty pics, every single angle please. tia im probably just as excited to finally see someone who owns this doll and can confirm the ass with some pics and a review.

Hundreds and fiddys and big 'ol tiddies

Still washing the dirty Jersey off of her, I do believe her butt is rebounding!

I sure hope so, it’s got a ways to go.

It’s still a massive ass!😊



Oct 2Edited: Oct 2

Thank you. Looks nice, but im the kinda guy where an ass can never be too big. Was hoping for thicker than a snicker. But i wont cast my judgement just yet, face down ass up pic may just change that.

You could definitely do the "motorboat" between those cheeks.

Man this girl is dirty! I’ve gone through about a half a bottle of mineral oil so far!☺️

Im having to practically go over her twice because what I thought was clean isn’t.


I use a combination of straight mineral oil and a hot damp wash cloth.

Lots of dust and dirty paw prints.


Im around 90% done so far. Then I’ll repair some minor abrasions and cuts, then she’ll get a full powdering.

At that point she’ll be virtually a brand new doll.


She feels as if she was needing an oiling anyway.😋

So mineral oil is enough for cleaning a doll? No need to throw them in the shower? edit PS:Dat Ass!

@Cookieman Yes, soap and water doesn’t really do anything if you’ve noticed, it can release surface dust and the like but mineral oil will remove all dirt, dust, talcum, corn starch etc.

the method I use:

Massage mineral oil on a section of the body to be cleansed.

Then with a warm damp washcloth, gently and slowly wipe in one direction.

You will notice the dirt moving into a dark greasy goo.

Get it into the most compact space and pick it off.

Keep repeating the process until the doll is clean.

It can be a lot of work.

I never use soap on a doll. I only use soap to cleanse the washcloth.

Hope this helps.



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