Mar 28

145cm unboxing & impressions


So, I finally got her today after some screw ups on fedex's part. I want to start by saying she's beautiful, and I have no intentions of returning her. That being said, a couple of things; She does not have standing feet, as listed. I didn't know that until after I had stood her up to get the bag off of her. The bottoms of the feet sustained some damage from doing so. The arms and legs are wrapped in foam that is taped on and under the bag that needs to come off, so I had no way of seeing the feet. Her neck was tilted quite a bit forward, making a wrinkle in her sternum area which has since disappeared on its own. There are similar wrinkles on the front of her ankles, they are decreasing since I repositioned her feet. She does not feel like she has hollow breasts, but they still jiggle and I don't mind the feel- though I think hollow would feel way more realistic. Lastly, she is HEAVY. It is very hard to get her out of the box if you plan on keeping and reusing the box. If you don't need it and can destroy it to get her out, it would make getting your arms under her so much easier and less of a strain on your body.





Congratulations on your new babe! Surprised she doesn't have standing feet since the 135 I bought did. As far as getting them out of the box troubles, I learned that if you bend the legs up then you can sit the doll up with one arm under the legs the other behind the back then lift. It condenses the weight to a more central point which makes it easier to lift.

Thanks, the legs are crazy stiff and I haven't been able to adjust them yet. For the time being, I will have to store her in the box. Do you think the TPE will be okay for a couple weeks of box storage?

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@alexchangander Should be no problem in the box. They probably sit in the warehouse in them for weeks in some cases months until they are bought.


I would definitely wrap her in the blanket to protect against dirt dust. Especially if you are putting the box under a bed.


I've seen a video about unboxing were the guy had elevated the box on a wood coffee table. It was much easier to get the leverage to remove without having to basically curl 70 pounds from flat on the ground. I'd try to elevate the box, and squat to lift the doll with support under her butt and cradle the neck area.


Sorry about the feet, MLD needs to do a lot better job on clarifying what doll is standable and which are not. I did stand Amare` once but she was supported by the bed and didn't have her entire weight on her feet. She sustained no damage from it luckily enough. Congrats on your New doll!

Mar 28

My 156cm came with standing feet, but very stiff as well and joints lock up a bit, was cleaning her today and she leaned a bit while standing now her back is a bit loose but easy to put in certain positions now


Got her legs to move, found the most wonderful treasures...

Storing her in the box for a couple of weeks shouldn't bother anything.

That's a bummer about the feet, but she is a little hottie, I get mine out out of the box by opening and then lifting the box up to where she's standing and pull her out that way, of course you should only do this if you have standing feet. I wonder what the weight difference is between her and the 156. Looks like a good sculpt for a b cup doll in the future.

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